Monday, March 28, 2011

update on the 9 pin tournament

We had lots of great bowling the last couple of weeks.  Lots of 300 games thrown and one real 300 with all natural strikes.  Since the tournament was santioned he qualifies for a ring.  A few years back he threw a real 300 game during our 9 pin when it wasn't sanctioned.  So he is pretty excited.  He bowled a 300 during league play in Belle Fourche a couple of years ago.   So he will now have rings for both hands.  In case you haven't figured it out yet it was Mr. Walt Taylor.
Casey Nelson qualifies for 11 in a row.  And Jay Smith had four 300 games all in one day.  Two in each set he bowled.  But no 11 in a row.  How does that happen?   Ask Jay.  At any rate, GREAT bowling.
I need to get with some bowling secretaries around the area to verify averages so allow me some time for that.  But here some unofficial results.  Pay out 1 for 6
Team   with 19 entries
B. Fleming, J.Holsworth, K.Ball, D.Lowe   3178
D. Osterdorf, D.Coats, R. Oxner, B.Kingrey  3130
R.Millard,R. Steier, J.Taylor, W.Taylor     3090
Mens Singles  with 77 entries
Billy Lukkes           900
Jason Keller           878
Chuck Fleming       814
Robert Radensleben  801
John Kraft             801
Toby Lowe          799
Tim Ross              795
Casey Nelson       792
Josh Unden          791
Terry Borg           789
Henry Knapp       778
Mens Doubles  with   41 entries
Clark Schwartz & Jeffrey Fernen         1672
John Kraft & Robert Radensleben        1640
Bill Miles & Wayne Hofer                    1629
Frank Pallatio & Billy Lukkes               1611
BJ Morrison &  Casey Nelson             1609
Bob Fleming & Jamie Holsworth          1601
Women's Singles    with     29  entries
Roxie Steir      840
Kathy Stevens  821
Karen Norris    815
Brianna Davis    803
Women's Doubles  with 14  entries
Jo Anna Taylor & Karen Norris   1618
Brianna Davis & Mel Nelson        1568
Mixed Doubles    with    20 entries
Jody Mollman & Jay Smith        1624
Kim Davis & Jay Smith              1606
Karen & Jim Norris                    1553

Ari Rath and Will Sjomeling, Jr won the bowling balls.
Need to collect some last minute raffle tickets that some of the kids did not turn in yet for the multiple entry raffle.  Hope to have them all collected this week so will draw then.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support our local youth.  The State Bowling trip to Sioux Falls will be  a costly one and this definitely helped.  We are still short of our goal so if anyone has some quick fundraising ideas or belongs to any groups or know of any businesses that could help out with some cash donations that would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much from the Lead Dwd Youth Bowling Association.

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